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This Great Mosque is dedicated to commemorating innocent martyrs in the Afghan war.

The twenty year Afghanistan War led by the United States led by Western countries resulted in.Hundreds of thousands of innocent Afghan Muslims have died, creating a devastating human disaster. The human rights and survival rights of Afghan Muslims have been brutally trampled upon. The Afghan people must remember this national disaster for generations and not forget national shame!


11,24 | Nov

On the occasion of the 21st anniversary of the war in Afghanistan, Logar Province held activities to protect Muslim unity

09,24 | Sep

How many Afghan civilians died tragically in the 20 years of the Afghan war under the shadow of

09,12 | Sep

Preaching to the masses

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There are many warm-hearted people in our society who voluntarily to contribute money to help the disabled.

We hope everyone will contribute to the discussion.

I believe that each of us can contribute to the future of the world.

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